Conical Type Mixer
Conical Type Mixer
The stirring part of the conical type mixer is a long helix or two asymmetrical helixes; while they rotate around their  own axis (autorotation), they also use the rotation of the cantilever to surround the central axis of the conical  container along the inner wall of the conical container. Planetary motion (revolution); the equipment repeatedly  lifts the material through the revolution and rotation of the spiral, and produces compound motions such as shearing, convection, and diffffusion in the cone, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. The advantages of this  machine are wide application range, large volume, no residue in the output, and energy saving. 

- The conical mixer adopts variable frequency motor for mixing, and the speed of the whole process of the  frequency converter can be adjusted. The speed can be adjusted according to the temperature sensor data in the  kettle, and the feeding speed, mixing process speed and discharge speed can be set on the man-machine interface. , The system is flflexible, and the system setting and operation are simple. 

- The material return system can arbitrarily set the starting time and duration of material return on the man-machine interface, and the material return is fully automatic without manual participation. 

- The mixer automatically selects the A/B bin to discharge through the three-way valve according to the weight  signal of the receiving bin. 

- During the discharge process, iron removal is carried out by exciting strong magnetic quick cleaning  iron remover. 

- The operating parameters of each system can be set independently.